LavaView makes it easy to broadcast live events and earn money!


How This Works!


Broadcasters stream video while connected to We send the live feed to your audience. The viewer, while connected to, may watch the event on their computer, TV or project the event to another large audience. With, it is easy to broadcast and view live video.

What about Cost?

C3 There is no cost to the broadcaster. The viewer pays-per-view to watch your live event. You set the ticket price. Also we don't show ads or promotions of any type on or next to any live video content ever.

What about Control?

A3 You, the broadcaster, have full control over all aspects of the broadcast. You control the time and cost of the tickets to view your broadcast. You also can place LavaView right into your webpage for a fully customized viewer experience.

What about Profit?

P9 Broadcasters are paid 70% of the ticket price. You receive payment via email and are able to download your funds immediately. Referral affiliates earn 5% and that is nothing to sneeze at.

What about Flexibility?

F3 We've listened to our customers and they made it clear that they require flexibility in order to be successful. LavaView is built to be easy to use and flexibile enough to address various business needs with no ads!

What about Potential?

Z1 Unlock LavaView's earning potential. Do the math and see for yourself.

I am a
Times Per Year
Avg. Ticket Price
The gross revenue generated is $12,000.00. As a Broadcaster you would earn 70% of the gross totaling $8,400.00.

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